Audiology Services

Audiology services are provided by Dr. Wendy Page, audiologist. Dr. Page has been providing services at The Rehab Center for over 25 years. The department's services include comprehensive hearing evaluations for infants, children, and adults. Hearing aid services include evaluation, selection, fitting, and repairs. State of the art digital hearing aids can be purchased through The Rehab Center.

Hearing Testing | Patients will complete a hearing test to establish hearing thresholds, determining the degree and type of hearing loss. Middle ear and cochlear function testing is included in the hearing test battery as needed. Infants will be tested using otoacoustic emissions screening when referred because they did not pass the newborn hearing screening in the hospital; some behavioral hearing testing may also be completed with these infants as appropriate. All patients and family members present are informed of their results immediately following the testing. Recommendations are made based on the test results and may include further testing, referral back to the prescribing physician or to an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor), purchase of hearing aids, purchase of assisted listening devices, or hearing recheck. Great care is taken to ensure that all patients are comfortable and well-informed of their hearing needs, hearing limitations, and recommendations at their visit. Hearing aid make, model, and type are discussed with the patients interested in purchasing hearing aids; the hearing aids are selected based on the patient’s hearing loss and individual listening needs.

Hearing Aid Sales | State of the art digital hearing aids are available for purchase from The Rehab Center. These hearing aids are available through several different manufacturers. Hearing aids sold at The Rehab Center have a generous warranty package. The Rehab Center adheres to FDA recommendations and state laws for hearing aid sales and service, including offering a 30-day trial period when purchasing hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Services | Hearing aids sold at The Rehab Center and still under warranty are usually serviced at no additional cost. When there is a charge, it is explained prior to the service being completed. Services are not limited to patients who purchased hearing aids at The Rehab Center. Many different manufacturers’ hearing aids can be serviced at The Rehab Center for a fee. To determine if your hearing can can be services, please contact The Rehab Center's audiologist, Dr. Wendy Page.

Services may including cleaning, replacement of microphone covers, and earmold tubing replacement.  Most hearing aids are programmed on the computer; this programming is completed while the patient is wearing the hearing aids.  Adjustments are made according to the patient’s observations or concerns. Hearing aids may be repaired at The Rehab Center or sent for repair either to the original manufacturer or an all-make lab. The cost of repairs is dependent on the make and model of the hearing aid, age of the hearing aid, and the problem presented. Quotes are given prior to any hearing aid repair.

Assistive Listening Devices | Assistive Listening Devices are devices used in place of or along with an individual's hearing aids to enhance the hearing abilities of the patient; these devices are selected based on the patient’s abilities and listening needs. Bluetooth technology has advanced hearing aid technology to offer new and innovative devices to couple with the hearing aids to pair with smart phones, computers, televisions and miniature microphones. The sounds from these devices are then heard through the hearing aids. Other devices may include amplified telephones or telephone ringers, CapTel telephones, and smoke detectors.

Contact | Audiology Services is located at The Rehab Center - 270 Sterkel Blvd., Mansfield, OH 44907. For more information or to make an appointment please call 419-756-1133.

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