Child and Adolescent Mental Health & Crisis Services

The goal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Crisis Services is to provide complete, holistic, quality mental health services for children and adolescents emphasizing care in the consumer and family’s environment. We empower the family to function on its own and honor the family’s treatment wishes, allowing the family system to advocate for, and achieve its own health and survival. We strive for innovative and creative solutions to meet the mental health challenges encountered by children and families.

Building Bright Beginnings | Building Bright Beginnings (BBB) is a program designed to promote knowledge and confidence for parents/caregivers to guide and support healthy emotional growth in children and adolescents. The mission of BBB is to build a bridge of support for families who have children and/or adolescents with mental health needs. It is an opportunity to discuss options that are available with local agencies for help that is needed while finding the best fit for the needs of the child and the family.

Research shows that early intervention and treatment prevents the loss of critical development years that cannot be recovered and helps youth avoid years of unnecessary suffering.

BBB coordinates with area agencies to provide optimal care regardless of payer source, such as Medicaid, managed care, private insurance or self-pay using a sliding fee based on income.  No family is turned away due to the inability to pay.

Contact | For more information, contact  program coordinator Marcia Hall, LPN at 419-774-6868,  or via email:

Case Management | Case Management Services provide coordination of community services for child and adolescent mental health clients and their families. Services include but are not limited to: advocacy in linking with community resources, monitoring and coordinating community resources, training in the use of personal and community resources and assistance in crisis situations.

Crisis Intervention Services | The Child/Adolescent Crisis Team’s (CACT) mission is to provide an immediate and effective response to young people in crisis.

The major goal of the Child/Adolescent Crisis Team is to provide the support needed to stabilize a crisis situation and to maintain the child, adolescent, or young adult in the least restrictive environment as possible, while ensuring personal safety until the crisis has been resolved. Upon initial contact, the Crisis Team will stabilize the immediate crisis and establish an appropriate plan of action leading to effective resolutions. This service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to anyone under the age of 18, his/her guardian, or primary care taker, as well as any significant other.

Early Childhood Mental Health Program | Early Childhood Mental Health (ECMH) is a program in which ECMH consultants work with pre-school/daycare providers and with families within these centers in order to help strengthen resilience in young children and help decrease the expulsion rate of children three to six years old by strengthening protective factors. The program objective is to build protective factors in young children, increase skills of parents and promote the competencies of early childhood providers, especially for children birth to six years who are at risk for abuse, neglect and poor social/emotional health. ECMH consultation targets the healthy social and emotional development of all young children in Ohio to ensure they thrive and are ready for school. The goal is to engage early to reduce expulsion in pre-school and Kindergarten so that children can succeed in the future. Catalyst Life Services was recently included in the Whole Child Matters grant which is an ECMH Initiative to help increase the number of ECMH credentialed staff in the State of Ohio.

Contact | Anne Vermillion, MSW, LSW  can be contacted at 419-774-2236 or via e-mail at with any questions in regards to ECMH consultation or this program.

Positive Parenting Program | The Positive Parenting Program is an evidence-based parenting program backed by thirty years of research. By giving you the right tools, it helps you to be the best parent you can be, developing strong, healthy relationships with your children. Alongside giving you simple tips to help manage the naturally arising problems in family life, the Positive Parenting Program clarifies and focuses the wealth of information -- and opinions -- on the best parenting strategies. 

Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers of children and infants 16 and under who are residents of Richland County may attend the one-hour Triple P sessions. These sessions may be held at our agency, the family's home, or other settings within the community, and typically the program runs for 10 sessions. There is no fee to attend Triple P, but workbooks and tip sheets may be had at a minimal cost. 

Psychiatric & Medical Services | The child and adolescent psychiatrists and physicians provide treatment to children and adolescents with mental health and/or behavioral problems who may need or may benefit from psychotropic medication treatment.

Psychological Services | The Center/Rehab Center maintains a full-time clinical psychologist, licensed in the state of Ohio, who provides a variety of services, including individual and family psychotherapy and counseling, diagnostic assessments, case consultation, and psychological testing.

Psychological testing is based on clinical needs expressed in referral and may include the following:

  • Cognitive Functioning (IQ, General Intellectual Ability)
  • Academic Achievement
  • Personality/Emotional Functioning
  • Emotional/Diagnostic Screenings for:
    • Adaptive Behavior
    • ADHD
    • Anger
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Resiliency
    • Trauma

Richland Aspirations | Richland Aspirations is a program designed for teens (ages 13 to 17) and young adults (ages 18 to 25) to provide a nurturing and comforting atmosphere that facilitates discussions of their goals and dreams. Through discussion in small groups, participants gain new social skills while simultaneously developing self-awareness, social finesse, and personal independence.

Richland Aspirations is intended to meet the needs of teens and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Groups meet for one hour, each week for 8 weeks, with a reunion planned after the completion of the initial 8 weeks. Meetings are held in the evening at The Ohio State University, Mansfield Ovalwood Hall, 1760 University Drive, Mansfield, OH 44906, and there is no fee to attend.

Contact | For enrollment information, call Richland Newhope at 419-774-4201 and ask for the Richland Aspirations contact. 

School Mental Health Liaison | Catalyst Life Services employs a liaison who collaborates with school staff in order to provide students support for social and behavioral health issues that may interrupt academic growth. The program provides preventative education, support to students and staff, referral information for students and families, and crisis intervention services.

Depending on the level of need, identified problems may be resolved in as little to one to three visits with the SMHL. If more services are needed, the SMHL will inform the parents of the recommendation along with information about mental health services.

Contact | Currently, Rhianna Mattix is the only Catalyst employee designated as a School Liaison (SMHL).  She may be contacted by calling 419-774-6853.

Therapy Services | Children and adolescents are offered therapy services when they are suspected of suffering from a Severe Emotional Disturbance. If a psychiatric disorder is confirmed during the diagnostic process, required mental health services are offered as indicated.

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