New Beginnings Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services

Mission Statement | To provide an interim living environment for individuals who are beginning their recovery from chemical dependency.

New Beginnings Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services provides effective treatment and therapy services for adults age 18 and older who are abusing or addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. Licensed chemical dependency professionals provide both individual and group therapy services to those with a primary drug and alcohol diagnosis.

Services are also available for those individuals with a dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental illness. New Beginnings Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services utilizes Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT) in conjunction with twelve-step program principles for recovery, to assist those with co-occurring disorders.

New Beginnings Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services can also provide residential treatment for adult men and women who are seeking help with an alcohol and/or drug addiction. Residents live at the facility which provides a safe and supportive environment for the course of the program. Residents participate in recovery oriented individual and group therapy, education groups, case management services, housing and employment services, and 12-Step meetings. Mental and physical health care needs are also addressed during treatment. Women’s issues are recognized as significant; pregnant females are eligible for services. Family programming is available for all clients. Upon completion of residential programming, persons are transferred to outpatient services.

Services | New Beginnings offers many services to our clients, encompassing the entire range of drug and alcohol treatment from start to finish, and utilizing diverse techniques to conquer addiction.

Screening | Determines the client’s eligibility for admission or referral.

Intake | The initial administrative procedures for admission.

Assessment | The procedure by which the therapist develops a diagnostic evaluation of the client’s substance abuse and any coexisting conditions in order to provide an integrated approach to treatment planning based on the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and identified problems and needs.

Treatment Planning | Process by which the therapist and the client identify and rank problems needing resolution; establish agreed upon immediate and long-term goals; and decide upon a treatment process and the resources to be utilized.

Therapy Services | Provides individuals, groups or families an opportunity to explore drug and alcohol related problems and ramifications, examine attitudes and feelings, consider alternative solutions and support recovery oriented decision-making.

Intensive Out-Patient Services | Provides the opportunity for clients in need of structured programming to participate in groups and self-help groups, learn new behaviors and practice relapse prevention strategies such as drug/alcohol refusal skills, open communication, and stress reduction techniques while continuing to live at home. Medication-Assisted Treatment provides counseling for individuals taking prescription medication to treat opiate addiction.  Detox treatment services provides referral for treatment and financial assistance may be available for Richland County residents for the fees associated with detox treatment.

Aftercare | The essential system of support for a recovering person once intensive treatment is over. People can get this support through programs at The Center Adult Mental Health and Crisis Services, at work or in the community. Aftercare helps maintain the skills necessary to deal with cravings for alcohol and other drugs and to avoid the triggers that set off cravings.

Contact | Call New Beginnings Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services at 419-526-6168 or The Center Adult Mental Health and Crisis Services Helpline at 419-522-HELP (4357). The staff will gather initial demographic information. A staff member from financial registration will contact you to verify eligibility for services and financial arrangements. A clinician will conduct an assessment to determine appropriate service needs.

New Beginnings Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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