"I’d like to commend you on your performance
with supplying parts to Jay Plastics. You have
been on time with delivery each week and
in some instances, made extra deliveries to
accommodate increases in my schedule. I also
appreciate the personnel I deal with at Progress
Industries. You and your driver are always
available to discuss scheduling and delivery."

- Jim Williams - Jay Plastics Division
Freda Young, one of Catalyst Life Services' volunteers, is hearing better these days, because of a chance meeting with Dr. Wendy Page. Freda was volunteering at The Rehab Center and Dr. Page noticed Freda's hearing aid was not fitting properly. Minutes later, Dr. Page came up to Freda and said, "I'm Dr. Wendy Page, the Rehab Center's Audiologist," and changed out a piece of Freda's hearing aid, giving her a more comfortable fit and helping her to hear better. Freda then scheduled a complete hearing test and Dr. Page was able to fit her with the proper hearing aids.

"I tried my new hearing aids for a few days. I only needed a one-time adjustment," says Freda, "I would definitely come back to Wendy. There is no pressure to spend alot of money. You are not a stranger to Wendy after you meet her once! I am very satisfied."

- Freda Young - Catalyst Life Services' Volunteer
It is a blessing to have received my hearing aids through Catalyst Audiology Services. I can't thank Wendy Page enough for her time, compassion, and expertise! She is extremely professional, and demonstrates a genuine desire to improve quality of life for her clients. I now have a sense of safety and security that I haven't felt in a long time. I no longer worry about someone sneaking up behind me, especially at work or in public places like parking lots. I can participate in meetings, and hear what others are saying! For too long, I have been sitting on the sidelines, unable to contribute during meetings because I couldn't hear the comments by others. I felt isolated and unproductive. I recently attended a board meeting, and was able to hear all of the conversation - even when members were not facing me! It was wonderful to be able to respond and contribute because I was hearing the discussion. I can hear my family talking and laughing in another room while I cook dinner! I feel more connected to my family, and no longer have to ask them to repeat themselves over and over again! I had gotten to the point where I no longer asked "what" and "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" because it was frustrating for me, and for everyone else. I had basically just given up. Now, I feel "normal" and available to my family and friends!

- Janice Glenn

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